Neolithic sites in Central Serbia

Supska - Drenovac - Aleksinac (Serbia)
Magnetic prospection
2019 / 10

Neolithic sites in Central Serbia

  • Two sites in Pomoravlje District: Supska (Ćuprija) and Drenovac (Paraćin)
  • One site in Nišava District: Štolna (Aleksinac)
  • Magnetic prospection
  • Total: 12 hectares of magnetic prospection (4 survey days)
  • Equipment: LEA MAX with 7 Förster fluxgate gradiometers FEREX CON400
  • Location of settlement structures such as houses, ditches and fireplaces


Magnetic data interpretation at Supska

The magnetic data from Supska revealed the existence of densly inhabited areas of several hectares. The settlement cores are surrounded by ditches.

Excavation at Drenovac

Since 2004, a team from the Archaeological Institute in Belgrade, led by S. Perić, has carried out archaeological excavations at the 50-ha site of Drenovac. The site has a multilayered stratigraphy with one Early Neolithic (Starčevo culture) occupation horizon and at least four Late Neolithic (Vinča culture) horizons. The Late Neolithic houses excavated at Drenovac, rank amongst the best-preserved in Europe.

View from the site of Štolna

The location of the site of Štolna is strategically very favourable. It overlooks a large part of the Aleksinac basin. The magnetic survey proved the existence of settlement structures such as houses with fireplaces on several terraces. The result shows a total extension of the prehistoric site of about 10 hectares.