Sveti Martin na Muri

Sveti Martin na Muri (Međimurje county, Croatia)
Magnetic prospection
2020 / 03

Roman site of Sveti Martin na Muri

  • Investigation of the surroundings of a Roman municipium
  • Magnetic prospection
  • Area: 5.7 hectares (ploughed fields)
  • 2 survey days
  • Equipment: LEA MAX with 7 Förster fluxgate gradiometers FEREX CON400
  • Detection of a Roman road and of prehistoric settlement features

Međimurje landscape

The Međimurje region, located on the border between the easternmost foothills of the Alps and the Pannonian basin, came under Roman influence in the 1st century AD. At this time, the region became part of the Upper (Superius) Illyricum, but later it was integrated in the province of Pannonia. The importance of the region was derived from being a gateway on several important trans-European trade routes.