Medieval settlement of Gorjani

Gorjani (Osijek-Baranja county, Croatia)
Magnetic prospection
2020 / 02

Medieval Gorjani

  • Important medieval settlement  and feudal seat, established in 10th century
  • Magnetic prospection
  • Area: 7 hectares (ploughed fields)
  • 4 survey days
  • Equipment: LEA MAX with 7 Förster fluxgate gradiometers FEREX CON400
  • Detection of building complexes and wells

Medieval Gorjani - new excavation trenches

Medieval settlement of Gorjani: New excavation trenches in March 2020 after magnetic prospection (photograph: Marin Mađerić)

Medieval Gorjani - terrain

Terrain conditions in February of 2020, during the magnetic prospection campaign